10 Horse Pyramid Clydesdale Hitch

The Brown's 10 Horse Pyramid Clydesdale Hitch is a triumph of horsemanship over one year in the making, and not been successfully accomplished in a parade since the mid-1920's.

The Hitch is driven in a new harness built in 2003 especially for the 10 Horse Pyramid, a most difficult feat to perform, and had seldom been done in public and is sure to be a great attraction!

Based on extensive experience in working with large hitches in public, every facet of this unique hitch has been built from the group up with safety and beauty in mind. We are proud of our safety record. There has been a lengthy training period for each of these animals before they are allowed to be a part of the street team! In addition, we feel we can safely present this hitch in almost any venue. Our operations are fully insured, and we can provide proof of insurance for your event.

This attraction can be a great crowd builder for your event, parade, or celebration. We can also assist you with all the materials you need for pre-event publicity: from still shots to video clips, as well as copy for press releases, commercials, or other promotions.

We are currently seeking sponsor partnerships. Please contact us if interested.

Worth County Fair - June 2007
driving exhibition with the Pyramid, and giving rides with a four abreast at the fair.

State Center, IA Rose Festival Parade - June 2005

Baraboo, WI Great Circus Parade - July 3, 2004
Pulling the Huge Pawaee Bill Bandwagon

2005 Baraboo Circus Parade

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