Clydesdale Parade/Exhibition Team

We offer a Clydesdale Hitch for Parade and Attraction work through the year. We can haul people, parade, haul floats, etc, as well as drive exhibition for grandstand events. We offer an antique freight-type show wagon, and a 35+ person hayrack specifically built for hauling people. We can drive our horses in our brass and patent leather harness, or in work attire, if desired. Our horses are highly trained for safety in crowds and fair situation, and are traffic safe to go just about anywhere. We are fully insured, and can provide proof of insurance for your event.


We will be producing a 6 horse hitch for any of the above types of use, in addition to our classic 4-up, and the best unicorn hitch around! Please call us for rates and terms, as well as dates available.

A Brief history of our parade business

Eric began working with draft horses in September of 1972 as a crew member of the Sparrow Farms 40 horse hitch. He continued on there until March of 1978, during which time he did almost every job on the show at one time or another, During off time, He worked training colts on the farm, and helping in the farming operation. After working in the moving industry for 12 years, while staying active in the draft horse industry, Eric and Dianne began parading their own Clydesdale teams. Now at the end of their 10th season on their own, and with the help of their 3 boys, they are as excited as ever to have the opportunity to do this.

Dianne and Eric are now fully employed with the business of manufacturing and selling the top line of draft horse show and parade decorations and supply in the world. (See Catalog) Dianne comes from a family of Clydesdale and draft horse breeders going back 4 generations and helps in all aspects of the business, as well as having put up with Eric for nearly 20 years!

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