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Braiding Dummy
a exclusive!


The Braiding Dummy is an artificial, stand mounted, mane that is great for practicing braiders, or for training braiders in schools or classes. The Braiding Dummy is high quality, and can be made up in many colors. This is one of Eric's own designs! Please call us for more details!

Please allow two weeks for shipping.

White Rope Show Halters 

Halter without Lead Chain: $18.00
Halter with Lead Chain: $25.00

These are hand braided and of the best quality. Shank any size. Many sizes available. Our own design!

Foretop Braiding Ribbons

$1.00 ea


Feather Plumes

Call or E-mail for Current Prices

Several styles and colors available. Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping.

Ostrich Feather Triple Plumes

Call or E-mail for Current Prices

These plumes come in all the same colors as the original plumes. They give the horse a much fancier look, and are great for weddings, funerals, and just for a more eye catching look on your horse. Mounting hardware included. Allow 3 weeks for delivery.

Grooming Supplies


Plastic Mane Combs: $1.50
Metal Mane Combs: $3.00

Tail Combs: $1.75

Thinning Comb / Rake: $15.00

Rake Replacement Blades: $9.00

Painted Tail Needles: $7.00
Stainless Steel Tail Needles: $10.00
Extra-Long Stainless Steel Tail Needles (for undocked/long tails): $15.00 new!
String for Tails: $6.00

Fold-Up Braiding Bench
(please call for price and shipping information)

Reference Library


So You Want to Show Draft Horses?: $10.00 
by Draft Horse Journal Staff

The Draft Horse Primer: $13.00   out of print
by Maurice Telleen

Wooden Horses for Christmas Tree Ornaments and Refrigerator Magnets

$5.00 ea

Belgian and Percheron - Black or Gray
Clydesdale - Brown or Black

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