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Blacks Mare Minerals have been formulated primarily for the nutritional needs of Pregnant Mares - Palatable Minerals that keep your horses strong and healthy!



Three formulas - each balanced fir specific forage diets


Mineral-H balanced for hay-based forage. Mineral-H/S for hay/straw combinations. Mineral S for straw-based forage programs. Matching mineral to forage program ensures you meet actual dietary requirements.


Contains a strong foundation of absorbable trace minerals Blacks trace mineral base ensures strong bones, joints, and reproductive ability.
Added Biotin Biotin helps maintain hoof quality.
Added organic minerals Blacks highly available organic mineral fraction provides added protection to reproductive ability and general horse health.
Contains both water and fat soluble vitamins Water and fat soluble vitamins are important precursors to metabolic activity and help keep immune systems strong.
Added Yeast Yeast aids in digestion and improves taste.
Blacks minerals are palatable! Consumption is the key! Care taken in selecting palatable ingreadents ensures that horses will consume Blacks Minerals!

Premium Formula Bioplus Formula Mare Minerals
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