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"I have been in the draft horse business for 25 years, and have owned my horses since 1981. We have fed many products to our herd, and have never had the type of results from a supplement that Blacks has provided for us. We tested this product on our herd ourselves for six months, before making the choice to sell it, and had the best results we have ever seen. The coats and hooves were the best we have ever seen on these horses, and the energy levels in the older horses are fantastic. The yeast culture has increases our feed efficiency by about 15%. The horses that are in the herd range from foals to brood mares, 2 aged geldings, 2 young geldings, and an aged stallion. They are all fed in confinement, and we controlled everything they ate during and before the test period. These are all Clydesdale draft horses, and the geldings and stallion are used for farm work, and are also on the street all summer for parade use. These horses are fed only oats, hay, salt, and Blacks supplement, needing no other additives or supplement to maintain great condition. This product has provided the best results, with a great enough savings in feed costs to offset the cost of mineral, providing the other benefits to your horse at little or no real cost to you!" -Eric W. Brown, Zearing, IA

"All of the horses at Cedarfarm have the quality Blacks minerals in their diet with superior results!" Check out our results from the 1998 World Percheron Congress:

First Place:

  • Champion Gelding
  • Champion Mare
  • Supreme Show Champion
  • Men's Cart
  • Light Gelding Team
  • World Championship Team
  • Four Horse Gelding Hitch
  • Six Horse Gelding Hitch

-Cedarfarm Percherons, Gladwin, MI

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